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Casting process will be what factors influence

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-28
In mechanical manufacturing process now, ductile casting application in various fields. Today, small make up to you to explore the casting process can have what factors influence. 1. Casting of batch, batch, the greater the economic benefit is considerable. 2. Clean out: no chemistry in green sand binder, harmless to the environment, low temperature foam sand recovery more than 95%. 3. High precision casting, iron castings is a nearly WuYuLiang, precise forming of new technology, the process need not take mold, parting surface and sand core, thus casting without flash, burr and draft Angle, and reduced because of the combination of core size error. 4. Iron casting process and other forging process, has its defects and limitations, not all of the casting is suitable for use of epc process to produce, must carry on the detailed analysis. 5. Casting structure: the more complex casting structure can reflect iron casting process, the more superior sex and economic benefits, for the structure with narrow lumen channel and interlayer, before using epc process to improve the predecessors. 6. Reduce capital investment and yield to reduce the weight of the casting blank, small machining allowance. By foam plastic mold piece combination forged highly complex castings. 7. Casting material: its usability is good and bad is roughly: the order of the gray cast iron - Nonferrous alloy - - Ordinary carbon steel - - Ductile iron - - Low carbon steel and alloy steel; Through the provision of necessary in order to not make the technology experiment, the long cycle of debugging. 8. Casting size: mainly consider the use of the corresponding equipment ( Such as vibrating machine, sand box) 。
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