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Casting parts of several aspects of the material quality control

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-26
1 metal materials, metal materials, foundry enterprises mainly comes from outsourcing materials, the waste of this enterprise casting, casting riser. And outsourcing is often in bulk metal materials, very few have pressed into tubular, material is easy to confuse together, made of different materials such as material mixed with 304 or 430 316. So, foundry enterprises should choose purchase of compressed into tubular material as much as possible. The chemical composition of each batch purchasing material with a spectrum analyzer for analysis. Possible, on-the-spot investigation should be made for the supplier to evaluate whether the material storage for identification, protection and isolation, etc. Scrap on the enterprise - Waste casting, casting riser), Going to remove rust, oil, deoxidization and clean and dry processing, and control of S, P elements. And scrap for different material must carry on the identification, protection, storage space, can't confused. 2, die die material performance indicators mainly include: melting and solidification temperature interval, heat resistance, thermal expansion rate and shrinkage, strength, hardness, viscosity, liquidity, smearing and ash content, etc. General foundry enterprises difficult to examines the performance indicators. So, when choosing the supplier, as far as possible to choose some relatively perfect quality management system of formal enterprises, strictly to the supplier evaluation and confirmation. However, as one of the most important performance metrics - pattern material - Shrinkage rate, can detect, shrinkage rate directly affects the dimension precision of casting and the quality of the shell. At present, the domestic circle pie sample line shrinkage method without considering the influence of wax mold structure on the shrinkage rate, best reference foreign stepped sample method is closer to the actual situation. 3 silicon sol, silicon sol physico-chemical parameters mainly include: the content of SiO2, density, content of Na2O, PH value, kinematic viscosity, colloid particle diameter, etc. , the physical and chemical parameters mainly affect the stability of shell strength, coating and coating powder liquid ratio. Due to the foundry enterprises difficult to these physical and chemical parameters for testing, so, on the one hand, we must strengthen the supplier selection, evaluation and validation, on the other hand, the surface layer and back layer should choose to use different specifications of the silicon sol, choose S - such as surface Select the S - 830 silicon sol, back layer 1430 silica sol. Foundry enterprises generally choose zircon powder as the surface coating. When zircon powder oxide impurities, decomposition temperature drops, precipitation amorphous SiO2, react with certain elements in metal, make the casting surface produces' pitting defects, such as casting surface quality. Moreover, zircon powder particle size and distribution of powder coating liquid than also has a direct impact. Therefore, the choice of the supplier should be strictly controlled.
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