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Casting of related equipment generally have?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-20
Casting of related equipment generally have? Casting is a heavy industry, has been in the industry in China for many years, for casting equipment is also has been innovation, every technical reform can bring huge to our work efficiency and quality of diligence, the following to introduce modern foundry related casting equipment what! Marine casting equipment on fundamental classification of casting equipment, mainly include: one, the molding machine used in production of sand mold casting equipment. Its main purpose is: to fill sand, will loose sand fill sand box, tight sand. Second, pouring machine for for introducing liquid metal into the mold cavity in the mold open channel. Contains: the sprue cup, SPR, runner and sprue. Three, briquetting machine to use casting material of briquetting equipment. After briquetting is convenient for storage and transportation and material cutting recycled and used in the process of transportation, the wastage of the exercise. Four shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine use high-speed projectiles thrown tidy appearance or fortified casting foundry equipment. Blasting function together to sand casting, in addition to the core and finishing. Five, the oscillation and the use of impact shakeout machine to make the sand mould and casting foundry equipment separation. Shakeout machine vibration source is divided into mechanical, electromagnetic and pneumatic. Six, core making machine used to make cores of casting equipment. Based on the core of real sand way different, core making machine can be divided into shock type core making machine, core extruder and shoot core machine, etc. Seven, sand mixing machine is used for mixing the green sand and core sand foundry equipment. Sand mixer generally has the following functions: the old sand, new sand, sand and the binder materials mixing.
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