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Casting mould what kind?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-20
Casting mould is common in industry manufacture process, baidu encyclopedia that means in order to obtain the layout of the whole shape, with the rest of the molding material make it easily in advance the layout of the whole shape, and then in the sand into the mold, and sand mould, make up for a new cavity, and the machine layout size again pouring liquid liquid in the cavity, the liquid cooling condensation can form and later die shape layout complete the strange machine. 1, casting mould, casting and casting strange, are the most common labor zero, parts machining process, casting mould is important: die forging, and large press with forging die, screw press with forging die, forging die forging machine, roll forging die, etc. , at the same time, fasteners, cold heading die, extrusion die, drawing die, the liquid casting mould etc are also belongs to the casting mould. 2, stamping die, also known as punching die, stamping die in the cold stamping processing, data processing, get process equipment of the machine. The sample mould contains important winding blanking die, die, drawing die, single process die, compound die, progressive die and car over a punching die, die, mechanical and electrical silicon steel sheet stamping die. 3, plastic molding, guiyang casting because plastic in common use in life, the plastic molding is one of the very common processing industry category information. With processing for plastic, in the mold, there will be a plastic molding mold, compression mold, extrusion mold, injection mold, thermosetting plastic injection mold, extrusion mold foaming molding mould, low tool object foam injection molding and blow molding mold belong to the plastic molding mold. 4, casting with a metal mould, mould and die-casting mould of this kind of example must have a similar place, nothing more than it is more focused casting, all kinds of metal the metal mold casting machine. 5, die casting, casting is one of the common parts varieties analogy in labor process, die casting mould is important hot chamber die casting machine with compression mold, horizontal cold chamber die casting machine, vertical cold chamber die casting, die casting machine with full vertical die casting, non-ferrous metal casting, die casting machine with black metal die-casting mould. 6, powder metallurgy molding mould: powder metallurgy molding mould is relatively complex, the important is: manual mode, flexible mode, set of one-way, two-way die, set of floating die, plastic mould. Which several examples and the classification of the subordinates, this, for example, the manual mode is also contains: radial plastic mold, with steps outside the set of all plastic mold, with spherical pieces of plastic mould, etc. 7, finished mould: glass products with mold, if the Lord according to the classification of processing situation, the former is forming bottles mould, which is forming bottles mould, glass mould etc. 8, rubber molding die: at this time of processing rubber mold, important pressure plastic mould, rubber mould, injection mould. 9, ceramic mold, all kinds of ceramic ware and other products with the forming of metal mold. 10, economic mould ( Simple mould) : this is also a few small enterprise commonly used processing mould, because it is economical, is popular with everyone is welcome. This kind of sample mould important are: low melting point alloy forming mould, punching die, laminated plate punching die, silicone rubber molding, epoxy resin mold, ceramic precision molds etc.
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