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Casting mould technology conditions

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-28
The technical requirements, parts 1) Design casting mould should be prioritized according to GB/T 4678. l~4678. 15 casting mould standard parts selection process. 2) Die forming parts and casting parts in the system, the material and heat treatment hardness descriptor table C - The provisions of the l. Mould parts name mould material heat treatment hardness HRC brand standard number for die-casting zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy for die casting of copper alloy core, mould set piece, dynamic horizontal edge, activities set piece, diversion cone, push rod, gate set, diversion block 3 cr2w8vgb cr5movisi/T 129945-5038-424 - — 42 ~ 48 - — 3) Die casting zinc, magnesium, aluminum alloy forming parts after quenching process, the forming surface of soft nitriding or nitriding process, nitriding depth of 0. 08 ~ 0. 15 mm, hardness or 600 hv. 4) Mould parts geometry shape, size, surface roughness should operator station design requirements. 5) Mould parts, there is no crack forming parts surface are not allowed to have Nick, crushed, rust and other defects. 6) Forming parts did not note the limits of tolerance size deviation on table C - The provisions of the two. 7) Forming parts of switching arc not note the limits of tolerance size deviation on table C - The rules of the three. 8) Forming parts not injection Angle and taper tolerance on table C - The rules of the four. Taper tolerance according to the cone bus bar length, Angle tolerance according to the point of short side length. Second, the assembly technical requirements 1) Casting mold mold parting face, moving mould plate installation of parallel plane on table C - The rules of the 7. 2) Guide pin, guide sleeve to the hirer, the perpendicularity of the dynamic model on the surface of the plate installed according to table C - The provisions of the eight. 3) Using the model, the parting surface, mould set piece shall respectively with matrix, dynamic model template match, can allow a slightly higher, but the above is greater than zero. 05mm。 4) Push rod and reset lever should be flush with surface, the parting surface, the push rod allows the bulge profile, but not greater than zero. 1 mm, reset the bar below the parting surface is allowed, but not greater than zero. 05mm。 5) Mold all activities section, should keep impressing location accurate, reliable, can not have skewed and card lag phenomenon, for fixed parts and may not be up to drive. 6) Runner transfer should be smooth connection, inlay spelling should be closed, did not note the draft is not less than 5 ° slope, the surface roughness Ra is not greater than zero. 4um。 7) The slider motion should be smooth, after clamping the slider and chocking block should be compact, contact area of not less than three-quarters of cavity after accurate and reliable. 8) After clamping parting surface should fit closely, if there are any local clearance, its clearance cannot be greater than zero. 05mm( Except the exhaust slot) 。 9) Cooling water should be clear, should not have leakage phenomenon, water inlet and outlet should be clearly marked. 10) In the mould is equipped with lifting bolt, its strength should satisfy the requirements of GB/T 825 lifting bolt. This article from Joe equipment technology co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source!
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