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Casting mould and casting equipment why is complementary to each other?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-04
Bo Joe except for gravity casting mold and core making machine, also do? In fact, Joe is give priority to in order to do the mold, casting and auxiliary equipment manufacturers. Joe in addition to mold and core making machine and gravity casting machine. Casting mould and casting equipment complement each other, why do you say that? Because gravity casting mould is to use the equipment of gravity casting machine to produce castings, so, as it did on the gravity casting machine, gravity casting mould do you can test for the customer, see how the quality of the casting, then send the mold to the customer. On the other hand is the same, gravity casting machine also can affect the quality of the casting mold production, so they are together, can test the quality of the mould, also can test the quality of the gravity casting machine!
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