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Casting molding machine should pay attention to matters

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-12
Casting molding machine should pay attention to matters: 1, casting molding machine open to comply with the rules and regulations. 2, casting molding machine must get ready before starting the inspection work, pay attention to health and check the fuel tank of the hydraulic pressure station. 3, according to the molding machine production materials by adjusting the parameters of the sand mold, improve production efficiency. 4, casting molding machine equipment after open don't stand right in front of people, so as to avoid personal accident. 5, daily completes the slider, guide bush lubricating oil filling, check up tooling. Casting molding machine work, pay more attention to molding machine operation status, and problems should be inspected immediately shut down. Bo Joe mechanical 10 years specializing in the production of fully automatic casting molding machine, automatic casting moulding machine, is a professional automatic casting molding machine manufacturers.
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