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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-11
Casting molding machine professional manufacturers, fully automatic casting moulding machine, Joe find bo machinery. Bo Joe mechanical casting moulding machine's main advantage is low cost and high efficiency, for the production of small and medium-sized pieces, simple pieces, grey iron pieces. In the production of brake discs, simple bearing cover etc, the core of products less, have the advantage. Standard flaskless line with other companies, no box line, compared with weight of L type plate and door type, up and down around the sand mold 'stepped up' all six azimuth, therefore in the box and fault resistance due to other companies without box line box. Economical level molding line, simple, reliable and efficient, low cost, the maintenance cost and reliability are superior to other companies of flaskless molding line. Bo Joe mechanical casting molding machine production line just need to put the product mold molding machine, the whole automatic assembly line will produce molding parts, which not only improves the production efficiency, also save the cost, is to let the general manual laborers to work into a technological innovation, is also a liberation for the manual workers. Bo Joe mechanical casting molding machine used in the manufacture of sand mold casting equipment, the production process: the loose sand into the sand box automatically, automatic compaction, automatic stripping, automatic box, automatic box, automatic launch, automatic casting, casting sand box after pushed to sand mixer, so production. Joe mechanical casting molding machine completely solve: 1, the worker labor intensity; 2, high solution casting technical requirement; 3, improve product quality; 4, reduce costs and other issues. Welcome interested customers to visit our factory! With our strong casting industry, processing and manufacturing industry, based on years of casting production, model manufacturing, machinery and equipment production of practical experience, for the majority of small and medium sized foundry enterprises to provide full automatic operation, high reliability, low price of automation equipment. We produce models, since the market with high stability, easy operation, high cost performance has won the acceptance of many users, electric, pneumatic imported Japanese SMC parts, guarantee the stability of the machine work. Bo qiao company has always been to the customer's interests first, know that our success depends on your success and development, and put the concept throughout the company from design to after-sales service of each link, enables our products to help customers improve efficiency, reduce cost and enhance competitiveness. Our sales and design staff will listen carefully to your requirements and needs, completely according to your requirements and needs to carry on the design and manufacturing, to help you to get the most ideal equipment. Level of a new generation of clay sand casting molding machine series from the speed, quality, stability and economy has set new industry standards and so on various aspects. The world more than hundreds of foundry USES a new generation of molding machine with various types and sizes of casting production. A new generation of molding machine for large high quality castings of high efficiency production and perfect design, for the speed, quality and efficiency of the equipment are very rigorous, so to ensure high investment yield at the same time can guarantee the reliability and probability. Medium-sized moulding machine can be applied to the production of large castings and ensure the excellent quality and performance. Casting molding machine production, do not need to worry about sand box, the other variable cast low consumption means the thickness of sand and sand consistent than iron. As a result of the result is the fastest, the most competitive near net shape casting production.
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