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Casting molding machine manufacturer on automatic molding machine operation steps

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-13
Bo Joe casting molding machine manufacturer on automatic molding machine operation steps: one, the machine in the regulation of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, forbid not dedicated personnel to mobilize. Machine workshop in addition to the work not someone stay in the door. Thank you for your cooperation. Before coming off work need to carefully cleaning the loose sand. Second, empty load operation: when to host need to be empty load operation, according to the following steps. 1, touch screen, select switch to empty load carrying position. 2, work mode selection 'host', 'continuous' operation way. 3, press the start button, the host can be continuous empty load operation. 4, need to stop, press the stop button, when the host automatically stop after complete a cycle. 5, load operation ( On the conveyor no-load) Touch screen load, select 'load'. 6, work mode selection 'host', 'continuous' operation way. 7, press the start button, the host began to continuous automatic molding, until the sand mould reaches a certain length, host rated-locking force is not enough to continue to push the sand mold series before and then stop. 8, press the stop button, touch screen will turn to AMC manual page. 9, pushing the AMC clamping, AMC the clamping action. Then press the stop button, control mode selection 'host AMC linkage' ( If it is the core 'across the league linkage') For the continuous position, operation way. 10, press the start button, the main auxiliary equipment, joint executed synchronous transmission and continue continuous automatic modelling and transportation. Electrical equipment, machine parking: three wheel stop, stop, stop, stop button of the three different roles and control characteristics in electrical description has been made in this paper. Under normal circumstances should not be used in stop and stop the machine stop two buttons. Scram button in an emergency and accidents or fails to use. Additional machine for a long time stops, should put three main switch selector at the stop position. Four, casting molding machine maintenance: 1, daily maintenance: check the oil level in the hydraulic system, check the oil tank, parting agent tank, oil mist, oil amount. Clear sand cone at the top of the sand, leaking sand around the plate. Open the cover to remove leakage to the sand in the machine. 2, monthly maintenance: check the sealing and wear condition of sand, plate seal, replace the seal in time. Discharge air tank in the water on a regular basis. Regular cleaning tank high air filter, in case of congestion, caused by damage to the tank. Check the abrasion of the floor. Check is, the distance of the locating pin on the pressure plate and the bottom, and the accuracy is. If the machine stop using for a long time, should be the guide pillar, CAM and roller, is, the pressure plate, outside the cavity surface and other processing surface coating of oil, and properly dust protection. Five, about casting molding machine hydraulic oil use, maintenance, inspection and replacement of relevant matters: the pollution control of hydraulic medium. The pollution of hydraulic medium for the hydraulic device has great effect on the performance and reliability. Casting molding machine manufacturers think that the kinds of pollutants, the hydraulic medium pollution of material basically has the following categories: ( 1) Solid contaminants: chip, chip foundry sand, dust, welding slag, rust, metal powder, coating, sealing materials, rubber powder, etc. ( 2) Liquid pollutants: clean water, oil or other types of hydraulic oil. ( 3) : gas pollutants from the air mixed with air or separated from the medium of air. Press the 'are being pushed clamp', are linking piece is ongoing. All six, at the end of the reset button. The 'host' and 'core machine' 'AMC' and then click on the reset.
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