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Casting mold casting production has the characteristic of different from other processes

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-03
Bo Joe casting mold casting production have different characteristics with other process, mainly is the wide adaptability, more materials and equipment will be needed, pollute the environment. Casting production will produce dust and harmful gas and noise pollution to the environment, compared with other mechanical manufacturing process is more serious, need to take measures to control it. For casting engineers and mechanical structure design engineer, heat treatment is a very meaningful, and with a very high value to improve the method of material quality, through heat treatment can change or influence the organization and properties of cast iron, and can obtain higher strength, hardness, and improve the wear resistance and so on. Casting mold due to different purposes, very many different kinds of heat treatment, basic can be mainly divided into two categories, one is organizational structure will not change by heat treatment or should not be changed, the second is the basic organization structure change. The first heat treatment procedure, is mainly used to eliminate internal stress, and the internal stress is in the process of casting due to different cooling condition and conditions. Organization, strength and other mechanical properties, no obvious changes due to heat treatment. For the second heat treatment, al qaeda has had the obvious change, can be roughly divided into five categories: ( 1) Softening annealing: its purpose is to decompose carbide, its hardness is reduced, and improve the processing performance, for the spherical graphite cast iron, its aim is to obtain iron group has a very high fertility. ( 2) Normalization processing: mainly used to improve or made entirely wave to iron casting for mechanical properties of uniform distribution. ( 3) Quenching: mainly in order to obtain a higher hardness and abrasion strength, at the same time to the surface of the high wear-resisting properties. ( 4) Surface hardening treatment: mainly for surface hardening layer, at the same time, get very high surface wear-resisting properties. ( 5) Precipitation hardening treatment: mainly in order to obtain high strength and elongation is not so violent change. This article from Joe equipment technology co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source!
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