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Casting manufacturer of stainless steel casting is introduced

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-23
Casting manufacturer of stainless steel casting casting process usually includes: the casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely cast metal preparation, mold preparation, and casting processing. Casting metal refers to the casting of metal materials used for pouring castings in production, it is a kind of metal elements as the main components, and join other metal or nonmetal elements and composition of the alloy, traditionally known as the casting alloy, mainly has cast iron, cast steel and nonferrous alloy casting. 1) cast ( Make liquid metal solid casting container) Preparation, casting according to the materials can be divided into sand mold, metal, ceramic, mud, graphite, etc. , can be divided by use disposable, semi permanent and permanent type, mold preparation quality are the main factors influencing the casting quality; (2) cast metal melting and pouring, casting metal ( Casting alloy) Main cast iron, cast steel and casting non-ferrous alloy; (3) casting processing and inspection, foreign body casting processing including removal of core and the casting surface, remove poured riser, shovel grinding burrs and phi seam protruding content and heat treatment, such as plastic, rust and rough machining and so on. Metal smelting is not only a pure melt, include smelting process, the metal poured into the mold, in terms of temperature, chemical composition and purity are expected requirements. Therefore, in the process of smelting are going to have to check the test and quality control for the purpose of all kinds of liquid metal in the provisions to rear can allow gating. Sometimes, in order to meet the higher requirements, in the introduction to the liquid metal processing outside the furnace, such as desulfurization, vacuum degassing, refining outside the furnace, pregnant or modification treatment, etc. Metal smelting of commonly used equipment cupola and electric arc furnace, induction furnace, resistance furnace, furnace, etc. Casting heat are produced by the inhalation in copper smelting high dispersion of zinc oxide smoke caused an acute fever reaction. Someone reported metals such as lead, tin, antimony, nickel oxide smoke can cause disease. To prevent metal smoke dissipation, is a fundamental way to prevent casting hot. In the smelting, casting, such as operation to strengthen MiBiHua, local exhaust dust removal equipment installation, the recovery of zinc oxide. Strengthen the comprehensive ventilation, smoke mask can be used as auxiliary measures, he said.
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