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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-16
Joe mechanical independent production of automatic molding machine is through the casting and heat treatment equipment industry experts identified as high-quality products, renowned industry. We adhere to the company established within any organization, process, system must be based on providing customers with more quality services, on the basis of in order to allow customers to quickly receive the goods, we take the yes logistics distribution in the form of the country with a lot of customers. Bo Joe machinery supply fully automatic molding machine is mainly used to replace many people working industry, within the scope of the national area by the majority of demand group. With good reputation, powerful strength, high quality products, low prices to serve the customers. 'Create industry quality brand, to meet the professional requirements of the customers', the company has advanced testing equipment and scientific management methods, reasonable manufacturing processes and high-tech talent to do security, fully automatic molding machine sell well in domestic market. Joe machinery is independent professional engaged in automatic molding machine research and development, design, production and sales of production-oriented enterprises, is committed to provide the market with fully automatic molding machine of the omni-directional 'one-stop' work style services, dedicated to introduce the advanced assembly line production assembly and testing equipment, advanced technology the introduction of professional technical and management personnel. After years of practice of casting and heat treatment equipment, accumulated the rich practical after operation. Bo Joe mechanical production of fully automatic molding machine quality assured, reasons are as follows: 1, hydraulic system: adopt Japan oil hydraulic control valve, a more stable and durable, save electricity saving energy; Panel 2, touch system: the human body engineering, automatic control, human-computer interaction; 3, the control system: adopting the omron, schneider international general electric, higher reliability; 4, sports system: AirTAC international brand pneumatic components, low noise, long service life; 5, pressure system: industry pressure technology, sand mold with high density and molding time is short.
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