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Casting machinery casting your China nearly period of application development

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-16
For answer your Joe mechanical casting machinery during China's recent application development: automatic molding machine used in casting production, not only can improve the production efficiency and product quality, but also improve the working conditions and production environment, the effect is very obvious. Automatic molding machine's main function is: sand filling, the loose sand filling into the sand box; Tight sand, through vibration compaction, the compaction, the shock pressure, different methods, such as the loose sand in the sand box tight, make the sand mould is necessary in the process of handling and casting strength; Draw, use different institutions to tighten solid after withdrawal of sand mold. Classification of compacting moulding machine, vibrated moulding machine, squeeze moulding machine, shot squeeze moulding machine, sand slinger. In recent years, automatic molding line increase quickly, there are three main characteristics: first, adopt the automatic molding line are no longer tied to the large-scale backbone enterprises foundry enterprises. In henan XiXia two foundries, for example, each with 4 ~ 5 automatic molding production line. Used for making production of township and village enterprises transformed into use. Foundries are automatic molding line, but there is a group of enterprises. Now, although the coastal areas of jiangsu, shandong and liaoning provinces such as casting industry still accounts for larger proportion, but the central and western regions also have quite a number of enterprises to adopt the automatic production line shape; Second, domestic automatic production line has started to build the foundry enterprises can steadily supply equipment, in the domestic production level classification of automatic molding line has four or five manufacturers. But in a fully automated production line made in China is still a minority, and low grade of more; Third, automatic molding line has been a lot of, but can give full play to the role according to the production line design capacity of foundry enterprises are in the minority, there are still not fully grasp the use of automatic molding line, also has the ability to other process with production line and beat matching problem effectively.
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