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Casting factory casting mould common defects and its treatment scheme

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-20
Casting defects are the most common and yet most headaches, foundry directly influenced the qualification rate of products and company to produce cost, hebei holy, casting industry co. , LTD. Was founded in 1972, focused on casting more than 40 years, main products are ductile iron casting, grey iron castings, cast iron radiator, summarize the manufacturer under the casting mould flaws and treatment scheme one: casting shrinkage of the main reasons are alloy solidification shrinkage casting shrinkage and alloy melts to absorb a large amount of oxygen in the air, nitrogen, etc. , gas during alloy solidification casting shrinkage cavity. The solution: 1) Set savings goals. 2) The diameter of the bold casting way cast or cut short the length of the tao. 3) Increase the amount of metal. 4) Use the following methods, to prevent the occurrence of depression organization oriented to casting direction. 一个。 In the root place cooling of casting way. b。 To prevent vertical impact cavity has molten metal, casting should be into arc. c。 Oblique placement of casting. Defect 2: casting rough surface is not smooth defect cavity surface is rough and occurs on the surface of molten metal and cavity chemical reactions, mainly reflects the following situations. 1) The embedding coarse particles, stir not fine. 2) After solidification of the embedding material directly into the muffle furnace roasting, too much water. 3) Roasting temperature speed too fast, expansion of cavity in the different positions, make cavity interior surface spalling. 4) Too high or the highest temperature roasting roasting time is too long, make the cavity inside is too dry, etc. 5) Cast metal melting temperature or circle of roasting temperature, react with metal cavity, burning stick on the surface of casting the embedding materials. 6) Mould roasting is not sufficient, molten metal casting is fashionable, cause the decomposition of the embedding material, more gas, on the casting surface pitting. 7) After casting molten metal into the cavity caused by high temperature in certain local area, the local rough casting surface.
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