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Casting die mould industry a new leap forward

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-30
The policy of reform and opening to the casting mould industry bring new leap, developed a large number of small state-owned enterprises, villages and towns, individual mold manufacturers have mushroomed, white fang, the pattern of schools of thought contend. Bo Joe casting mold development, too. The current domestic market is still casting mould is bigger, its market potential includes two aspects: one is mould order quantity is larger. Wuxi diesel engine factory, for example, there is only one mold repair shop, new product development and copy all outsourced order mould making, estimated annual tin, wood is the only one to block metal mold 2 - 3 sets, the output value of about 200 - 3 million yuan. German KIND TQ1 materials research and development of the new company successfully combines these two kinds of steel with high toughness and high temperature respectively. Which embodies the chemical composition of Europe's most advanced technology research, not only contains very low phosphorus and sulfur elements, and harmful trace elements such as aluminum, boron, copper, and zinc also reached a minimum standard of indicators. On the size of the market, both production and domestic demand decline was most pronounced in Japan. Casting industry in our country, the manual in reducing year by year, the proportion of using wood pattern is also trying to reduce the proportion of modelling, it is mainly used for single piece and small batch production of large and medium-sized castings. On operating costs, often faced with the problem of high wages, welfare, so the downstream industries or casting mold manufacturers will gradually production bases to the neighboring country last in emerging industrial countries or technology. This article from the bo Joe equipment technology ( Guangdong) Co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source! Joe casting mold information more
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