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Casting annealing operation procedures

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-26
Check furnace, furnace door before work, trailer, wire rope pulley and fan equipment is normal, have collapsed, broken, cracking and other factors. If so, should be properly handled to furnace. Use electric furnace annealing should carefully clean up the resistance wire on or near the scale and metal. When the fire, to seriously examine the explosives in the coal. Stop the wind process, coal may not be too thick, to prevent the gas explosion. Coal cinder to deal with at any time, no backlog piled up. Before loading and unloading, check the rail slot on the presence of obstacles, hook, chain tools such as reliable. Big casting or thin-walled workpiece loading and unloading, to cushion flat. Is a space between adjacent to appropriate, loading height shall not exceed the stipulated. Before, should clean up the brick on the oven door, refractory clay, and check whether cart mechanism works. When carrying out and, irrelevant personnel shall not be close to flat car, on both sides to avoid sand or artifacts collapsed cuts. Around the furnace body rest or pile is prohibited. When the work piece temperature higher than 400 ℃, prohibit use chain or wire rope hoist ( Or heat insulation measures) In order to avoid fracture after annealing. Use the crane lifting work item, shall comply with the traffic and link up with work procedures. Using a gas stove, shall comply with the gas firing order: first use compressed air to blow over in furnace gas, shut the compressed air valve, fire burning stick, micro gas nozzle valve, burning with nozzle after adjusting the compressed air and gas flow, fully burning. A ceasefire order on the contrary, it is forbidden to reverse the order. Oil furnace baking, firing order is: first to close the throttle, lit up a burning stick, slightly open the throttle, after burning, adjusting the air valve and throttle fully burning, ban & other; Wind pressure oil & throughout; 。 Using pulverized coal fuel furnace, there was something wrong with blower is prohibited or pipe cracked when burning furnace. Repair electric furnace to cut off the main switch, hang & other; Some repair, forbid closing & throughout; Warnings, or men. The classification of cast iron parts: according to the main classification of gray iron castings (label HT) , there are HT200HT2500HT300 label, ductile iron castings ( QT) Compared, label QT450QT500QT600QT700, ductile iron parts of gray iron castings with wear resistance, the characteristics of small deformation, in the past few for high casting quality requirements, have begun to use the material of nodular cast iron.
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