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Cast steel casting process what should pay attention to the problem

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-11
A, 1, mould pourer management Angle is suitable 2, mould have cleaned up 3, casting tools have cleaned 4, casting tool and die casting have adjusted 5, the casting speed is appropriate, The movement wants downy, natural. Comply with the operating standards) Did you remove the pulp are 6, ladle molten soup ladle molten soup in 2 1, sand core, sand core management is required to do 2, sand core are not full of part 3, the use of resin and curing agent is accord with a standard 4, sand core mould is the original state, determine if there is any abnormal machine equipment 6, 5 sand cores have 7, damp vibration for situation 3, 1, what about the results of vibration of sand casting management 2, external and internal vibration after sand products have defect 3, test results have leaking condition 4, machine can well according to the drawing
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