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Cast steel casting process characteristics all have?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-11
Steel making metal objects, it is a lot of different shapes, steel casting process is very complicated but creative, so the process of casting steel processing feature is what? Large steel processing and process design needs to consider many factors of process conditions, also need to use a lot of design skills. Some factors in small inconspicuous, will have a significant impact in the bulk. Large cast steel small batch, process test and improvement is also more difficult, requires its designers have rich industry knowledge and design experience. The casting technology of casting steel processing design is an important link in steel processing, is important to obtain high quality cast steel technical management measures. In selected casting process, must consider the specific conditions in the foundry, such as casting equipment, production capacity, the running status of the steel structure and size, technical requirements and production volume, etc. When production process decision, still should according to the product detail drawings of the shape, size and technical requirements, selected all kinds of casting process parameters. Casting process parameters are made from metal species and casting method elements such as the characteristics of the decision
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