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Cast molding machine working process

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-14
Bo Joe molding machine has the characteristics of four high three low: high configuration, high efficiency, high survival rate, high service life, low failure, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, are widely used in metal products, auto parts, construction fittings, machinery parts and fitness equipment, such as casting industry. Bo Joe molding machine working process: 1, sand, sand through debugging good sand sand line through a conveyor belt to send incident sand box, the conveyor belt is controlled by our machines. 2, box: shoot sand reaches a certain amount of sand to stop to send in the sand, the box in the cylinder mould box 3, shoot sand into the sandbox: sand box after the action, began to shoot sand 4, compaction, finished shooting sand process, carries on the sand compaction, back mould: when the sand compaction after, sandbox mode, in the box on the cylinder mould under 6, sand core: mold exit end, need the sand core products under the sand core, sand core products do not need to direct clamping 7, clamping: after the sand core, click on the 'complete' under the core clamping action buttons, do not need the sand core products by direct clamping machine 8, sand mold release: sand mold, mold finish on at this time of sand mold can be cast to the casting field
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