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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-14
Bo Joe machinery co. , LTD. Is a focus on providing automatic molding machine product research and development, design and manufacture one-stop solution for modern enterprise, we have a vibrant and team striving to make progress constantly, with molding machine production, research and development, manufacturing experience of more than 10 years. We provide users with 'one-stop' work style automatic modelling solutions, including molding machine, fully automatic molding machine, the casting molding machine, and the casting industry has a deep understanding of multiple areas, is a professional industry molding machine manufacturers. We also found that more and more users fully automatic modelling needs more and more high, emerge in endlessly personalized needs to make a lot of common casting machinery company is struggling, for those special users, manufacturing experienced molding machine research and development enterprise is your correct choice. You may face problems: 1, the intensity of labor is big, the factory personnel erosion, job pressure, personnel cost high? 2, the traditional manual production, low cost, low quality of castings, uncontrollable? 3, have a big order can't meet, worry about production supply problems? Hiring? Where so many workers, you find? 4, the company want to do big development, but the enterprise production efficiency is low, cannot upgrade production capacity and control the production cycle? 5, be badly in need of upgrading transformation automation casting, but I don't know which on looking for? 6, using automated equipment, worry about the investment scale is big, long capital recovery period? Worried about high maintenance cost, using complex, demanding the site? Choose Joe, these are not problems! Bo Joe automatic molding machine has the following advantages: 1, automatic operation, one key without professional workers. Every time a complete modelling just press a button, No core work conditions) , such as the core of the workpiece, after the selection process, automatic stop, the core is completed, press the mode button, the program automatically. 2, horizontal parting, convenient and the core. 3, independent intellectual property rights, carefully selected high quality parts. 4, template installation: four screws, five minutes to change, to adapt to the frequent replacement of mold. 5, mold hardness: mold hardness can adjust freely according to the requirements of different castings, only need to adjust several parameters is very convenient and fast, up to 85 - 90 degrees. 6, casting height is adjustable and save sand: compaction plate adjustable up and down, resulting in a different mould height. 7 type, precision: modelling type, all in unified positioning template, sandbox system, high repeat precision. 8, cast quality constant uniform: the machine adopts high precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer, position detection, the modelling process automatic control, without human factors interference, so the shape quality is stable, uniform, efficient and reliable. 9, is equipped with safety protection device: advanced screen protection, ensure the personal safety of operators. 10, modelling speed: about 40 - per box 50 seconds. 11, mold size: 420 x520mm, 510 x610mm, 610 x710mm etc, it can customize according to the customer. 12, can match conveyor line, also can single machine production, the machine can need not complicated wiring can be production, customers can use the original sand mixer, deserve to go up again a conveyor belt to the native sand mouth can realize automatic production. The traditional manual approach not only artificial cost is very high, and yield is low, the production of low quality of castings, Joe molding line to produce parts and wear parts cost is much lower than other molding equipment, low operation cost, high production efficiency, good quality of mould. Bo Joe automatic molding machine has the characteristics of four high three low: high configuration, high efficiency, high survival rate, high service life, low failure, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost. Automatic molding machine, small investment, high efficiency and save labor, covers an area of small, make weight evenly and smooth appearance, advanced design concepts, help foundry enterprises to solve a series of problems. 1, automatic modelling, no need professional operation. 2, quickly put into production, a variety of the retrofit scheme of existing conditions. 3, sand mold is stable and reliable, to avoid human disturbance; Old templates available, save the mould cost. 4, can continuous production, low operating costs.
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