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Cast molding machine specializing in the production of clutch pressure plate and motor shell

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-13
Bo Joe molding machine, specializing in the production of clutch pressure plate and motor shell to produce clutch pressure plate and motor shell surface smoothness is very beautiful, can achieve 75 - compactness Between 90, greatly improve the yield of the casting products and save labor costs, one machine only need one man operation, an hour to produce sand mold - 80 About 100 cases ( Does not contain sand core under time) , which is equivalent to 6 - Production of seven molder, let casting manufacturer have more advantages in the fierce competition in the auto parts market. Automobile clutch pressure plate is installed at the side of the engine flywheel, and plate ( Clutch) Connected gearbox transmission shaft core power, their role is the pressure plate to transfer power, separation of moving plate can change gears increase or reduce the speed of the car. Dynamic disk friction is also called clutch pills, it has better torque and wear-resisting performance. Automobile engine is a complex thin-walled box casting, it is the basis of guarantee the engine power output, and in the cylinder to the requirement of the casting on the casting process of high, in addition to the requires of high strength, hardness, high temperature resistant, corrosion and other features. Above pictures of the case is in jilin changchun always use guangdong bo Joe production of fully automatic molding machine to produce the clutch pressure plate and motor shell, the effect is very good, after guangdong bo Joe professional technical engineers of six days to installation and debugging, have been able to succeed in mass production, thank you very much for the total of guangdong bo zhang jilin changchun Joe's trust and support, as well as to the attention a technical engineers, in this wish a general business is thriving, prosperous, using mechanical automatic molding machine, Joe make a lot of money. Joe is a company specializing in the production of clutch pressure plate and motor shell moulding machine manufacturers, to buy clutch pressure plate and the choice of the bo Joe mechanical engine automatic molding machine
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