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Cast molding machine safety operation main points of seven

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-14
Bo Joe moulding machine is a common casting machinery and equipment. Molding machine when using, pay attention to the key points of its operation, ensure the safe use of work. Many people use of molding machine is not very understanding, think that as long as put into use, can normal operation. Use molding machine correctly and safely can prolong the working life of the molding machine, improve the quality of production. Molding machine safety operation main points are as follows: 1, Joe when molding machine in use, the operator should be familiar with molding machine mechanical parts, electrical parts, action programs, lubrication system, and so on and so forth, and the other requirements specified in the equipment used. Molding machine tight sand mold program four steps: vibrated, head is placed into the, compaction, pressure head pose molding machine draw program: workbench clamping, draw bar rises, sand box, chassis department reset. 2, Joe when molding machine in use, to start the equipment before, should check whether the molding machine lubrication device is perfect, and in accordance with the provisions, come on, check the parts for fastening, the operating handle is at zero ( Space) , valve movement is flexible, pipeline without leakage, then open valve always put product pipeline gas and water. 3, it is forbidden to open empty, must be conducted in a case with load test, check whether the working state of normal, for lubrication should go. Commissioning rear can be normal work. 4, bo Joe molding machine when using the workings of the carefully observe, often should use in the operation of air blowing off lubricating parts and the sand running parts, it is forbidden to the lubrication parts adhering sand. 5, when molding machine in use, open and close the handle when the valve action to smooth. 6, each completed a modelling work to clean up the table, can be the beginning of the second modeling work. 7, after using clay sand moulding machine, will handle back to zero, Empty) , close the valve, cleaning equipment, cleaning the scene, to maintain equipment each slide ( The rotation) Parts of the cleaning and lubrication, conscientiously accept check tool, mold.
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