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Cast molding machine equipment in guangdong?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-30
Guangdong bo Joe molding machine is our company tracking the world's advanced modelling technology, the latest developed a new type, its various performance indicators have reached the world advanced level. With a high degree of automation, casting dimension precision, convenient, stable, the core of double template high effective utilization, cover an area of an area small, do not need such outstanding advantages as pit. Guangdong bo Joe moulding machine is a automatic molding machine instead of manual modeling. This organization is compact, small, and does not require pit, the most suitable transition from manual to automatic clients. In addition, the models on the basis of the previous levels moulding machine in terms of institutional improvement, will, in the next box fixed on the four columns at the same time, guarantee the tanks on accuracy and solves the problem of the wrong box; The modelling of the machine can match line is more flexible, can use push rolling roller conveyor mode and automatic car transmission mode. Guangdong bo Joe molding machine used in the process of product design the airflow sand filling technology, upper and lower case on four columns at the same time for tanks and shoot sand, then compacting. After molding, and on the stripper respectively to take off the box, smooth closed box, sand mold will launch by cylinder. Used with conveyor line can realize the automation of the casting production.
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