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Cast iron pieces have crack crack?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-09
Cast iron parts in the process of using or casting, sometimes present porosity, sand holes, cracks, wear, corrosion and other defects. If you want to replace iron or cast again, not expensive, and the demand for a long time, takes a long time shut down, the welding repair, effect is not ideal, and affect the appearance, the best is to use JL - for cast iron these shortcomings 101 cast iron supplements modification, process simple, after curing to cold welding bonding strength, color difference is not big, but also can be mechanical processing. 1. Appearance treatment: use sandblasting, grinding wheel, wire brush or sandpaper methods such as grinding, remove the glue of loose material, improve the roughness of the cast iron fixed appearance, and detergent scrub, dried, to clean and then appearance. 2. Glue: JL - 101 cast iron repairing adhesive is composed of A and B A two-component, strict according to the rules in the application component than 2:1 mix main agent and curing agent B energetic to colour uniform; 3. A hybrid good JL - 101 cast iron repairing adhesive alter, cracks in the processed alter the uniform application of force, repeated pressure, to ensure that repairing adhesive material with cast iron appearance of energetic touch, to reach the best effect. Multi-layer coating, need to deal with the original coating appearance after the altered; 4. Below can be appropriately extended JL - when the temperature 25 ℃ Cast iron repairing adhesive curing time, when the temperature below 15 ℃, choose the appropriate heat source for heating, Infrared, furnace, etc. ) , but when heating can not directly touch the repair parts, correct operation is the heat source from the repair looks more than 40 cm, 60 ~ 80 ℃ adhere to 2 ~ 3 hours.
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