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Cast iron parts? The impact of the performance, look at

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-10
Iron castings including grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron, white cast iron and various kinds of alloy cast iron; According to the cutting processability, grey cast iron and pearlitic nodular cast iron and alloy cast iron belong free-cutting material; And vermicular cast iron, white cast iron and high alloy wear resistant cast iron ( Such as hardness HRC60 high nickel-chromium alloy cast iron) Belongs to the difficult cutting material. Today is said without making factory is the impact of the iron casting performance. Impact performance refers to the nature of the material under the action of impact resistance fracture and ability. This ability by fracture when material absorbed energy to measure the size. An impact test is often used to measure shock absorption function, when the index expression is sample breakage take absorbed by work or consumed per unit cross-sectional area of the total energy. Including the specimen deformation of elastic work, plastic work and rupture work of crack propagation. An impact test result does not accurately represent the size of the rupture work, impact toughness and fracture work is truly reflect the material indicators. So shock absorption function is generally not used in the design of product strength, only used for comparative judgment material brittle or ductile - Brittle transition temperature; Or as a major energy impact failure of material performance indicators. Because of the existence of graphite gray cast iron in the impact of rapid deformation under the action of the plastic can't get to play, so the absorption of energy only to overcome the elastic energy required to fracture stress. This suggests that the impact of the gray cast iron fracture in essence and continuous tension or bending caused by the same. The impact of the gray cast iron absorption work is hardly affected by temperature. Toughness - It is of practical significance for the brittle transition temperature of gray cast iron. In addition, the fracture of grey cast iron low sensitivity, impact test commonly used oral test bar. The impact of the ductile iron absorption power greater than the gray cast iron, in terms of impact toughness, and greater than pearlitic ferrite nodular cast iron nodular cast iron. Along with the pearlite content in the mixed matrix was declined relative improve impact toughness. Pearlite content on the ductile brittle - Ductility transition temperature effect is very significant, pearlite content, transition temperature increased. 35% ductile iron pearlite matrix transformation temperature is usually more than at room temperature. Therefore, under the low temperature impact of nodular cast iron under shall adopt the ferritic nodular cast iron. Most of the impact fracture of engineering components and a significantly different impact test specimen fracture. Repeated impact fracture is usually the smaller energy cause crack nucleation and extension, it is a process of damage accumulation. An impact fracture and fracture mechanism of repeated impact and dominant factor, repeated impact resistance mainly depends on the strength and plasticity of material impact comprehensive performance. In addition to the influence of strength, the material fracture can absorb plastic work is must consider.
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