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Cast iron has a great influence on mechanical product performance

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-10
Iron castings due to a variety of factors, often appear porosity, pore, slag inclusion, cracks and potholes in defects. Commonly used to repair the equipment for argon arc welding machine, cold resistance welding machine, welding machine, etc. Low requirements for the quality and appearance of the casting defects can use argon arc welding machine and other large calorific value, high speed welding machine to repair. Iron castings quality has a great influence on the performance of mechanical products. The quality of the cast iron parts including appearance quality, internal quality and use of the quality. Appearance quality refers to the casting surface roughness, surface defect, size deviation, deviation of shape, and weight deviation; Inner quality mainly refers to the chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical properties of castings, microstructure and exists in the casting internal hole, crack, inclusion, segregation, and so on and so forth; Service quality refers to the cast copper piece durable ability to work under different conditions, including the wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, resistance to chilling excitation properties, such as fever, fatigue, shock absorption, and by cutting resistance, weldability, etc. Process performance.
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