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Cast iron castings 26 advantage than others

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-09
1. Repeatability is good, has the characteristics of precision casting; 2. The surface finish of iron castings was high; 3. Canceled the sand core and core xiaohong, eliminated due to core, the core of casting defects and waste; 4. Out of box, modulus, greatly simplifying the molding process, to eliminate the casting defects caused by modulus, tanks and waste; 5. With unbonded agent, without water, without any additives of dry sand molding, eradicated due to moisture, additives and binder various casting defects and waste; 6. Greatly simplifies the sand processing system, the sand can be repeated use, all cancelled &industry sand preparation and waste sand treating section; 7. Extremely easy to shake, greatly reduce the workload and labor intensity of the shakeout; 8. Cast iron parts without flash burr, make clear the burnish workload by more than 50%; 9. Can be set up in an ideal position reasonable shape of the riser, is not subject to classification, the restriction of traditional factors such as modulus, reducing the internal defects of cast iron; 10. Negative pressure casting, is more advantageous to the liquid metal filling and feeding, improve the cast iron pieces of tissue density; 11. Composite casting, a box, greatly improving the iron craft production rate and production efficiency; 12. To reduce the machining allowance, reduces the machining cost; 13. Automatic assembly line production, easy to realize mechanization production elasticity, can implement different alloy on a production line, different shape, different size of cast iron production. 14. You can cancel the draft Angle; 15. Use of metal die life can reach more than 100000 times, reduce the mold maintenance; 16. Reduce the dust, smoke, and noise pollution, which greatly improved the working environment of foundry workers, reduces the labor intensity, mainly men can become predominantly female industry; 17. Simplifies the process operation, on the degree of skilled workers required is greatly reduced; 18. The shape of the parts is not restricted by the traditional casting process, the liberation of the mechanical design workers, to make it according to the using performance of the parts, free to design the ideal shape of iron; 19. Can reduce iron weight; 20. Reduce the production cost; 21. Simplify the design of the factory, can reduce 30 ∽ 40% of investment in fixed assets, covers an area of and a building area of 30 ∽ can reduce 50%, 10 ∽ 20% power consumption can be reduced; 22. Iron technology widely used, not only suitable for cast steel, cast iron, more suitable for cast copper, cast aluminum, etc. ; 23. Iron casting process is not only suitable for simple geometry of cast iron parts, more suitable for ordinary casting to attack rolled edge, the iron core, complex geometry more; 24. Iron can implement seismic condition casting process, promote the formation of the special requirements of metallographic organization, to improve the immanent quality of cast iron; 25. Combined on the dry sand casting, easy to take off the sand, temperature, therefore can make use of waste heat for heat treatment. Especially high manganese steel castings water processing and heat resistant steel blade of solid solution treatment, the effect is very ideal, can save a lot of energy, shorten the processing cycle; 26. Use iron craft, can according to the melting ability, complete any size of iron castings
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