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Cast iron and cast steel valve the difference!

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-07
Casting factory resolution: cast iron and cast steel valve the difference! In foundry industry, cast steel and cast iron parts, respectively has wide application in different fields, small make up today is to give you said what's the difference between said cast iron and cast steel valves. First of all to say is the carbon content of different between them, carbon content directly affects the strength and plasticity of steel. Carbon steel or carbon steel, carbon content WC is less than 2% of the iron carbon alloy. Carbon steel in addition to carbon usually contains a handful of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus according to use can be divides into the carbon steel, carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel and structural steel cutting three categories. Carbon structural steel is divided into building structural steel and machine to make structural steel two mild steel according to carbon content can be divides into the carbon steel ( WC ≤ 0. 25%) , medium carbon steel ( WC0。 25% - — 0. 6%) And the high carbon steel ( WC> 0. 6%) Under the general carbon steel of phosphorus, sulfur content can divides into the carbon steel ( Phosphorus, sulfur, high) , high quality carbon steel, Phosphorus, sulfur, low) And the high quality steel ( Phosphorus, sulfur, lower) The higher the carbon content is higher in general carbon steel, hardness, strength is high, but low plasticity. Cast iron, cast iron is the carbon content in more than 2% of the iron carbon alloy cast iron can be divided into: 1, grey cast iron, 2, 3 white cast iron, malleable iron, 4, 5, 6 vermicular cast iron nodular cast iron, alloy cast iron is generally what we call the cast iron valve, use is nodular cast iron, grey cast iron will molten iron after spheroidizing treatment, tell the graphite spheres, hereinafter referred to as ductile iron. Than the general grey cast iron has high strength, good tolerance and plastic; Cast steel used for pouring casting of steel. One of the casting alloy. Cast steel can be divided into cast carbon steel, cast low alloy steel and special steel casting 3 classes; Casting of the carbon steel. With carbon as the primary cast steel and alloy element contains a few other elements. Carbon is less than 0. 2% for casting low carbon steel, carbon 0. 2% ~ 0. 5% of casting medium carbon steel, carbon is greater than zero. 5% of casting high carbon steel. Follow the add of carbon content, increase the intensity of the casting of the carbon steel, hardness increase. Casting of the carbon steel has high strength, plasticity and patience, capital is low, in the heavy machinery used to make accept big load of parts, such as rolling mill frame and press the base; On the railway vehicle parts used to make impact force big and accept bolsters and side frames, such as wheels and coupling, etc. ; Above situation reflects more rigid than cast steel, cast iron brittle is also bigger than cast steel, cast steel is better than cast iron has good plasticity and patience, so cast iron is normally used in low pressure pipe, also can only be used in the normal temperature of the pipe, due to the increase of pressure or temperature is to clarify the valve will be bound to trace out of shape.
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