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Cast abroad in guangdong, and cast in a guangdong automatic molding machine sent to Vietnam!

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-29
Guangdong bo Joe latest flash: guangdong bo Joe go abroad, and a guangdong bo Joe automatic molding machine sent to Vietnam, the Vietnamese users satisfaction after buying again, Joe sand mold size is 610 * 710 mm of guangdong bo Joe automatic molding machine, thanks for Vietnam friends support and trust, best regards! Guangdong bo Joe mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , with 'good faith, the pursuit of excellence' for the principle, from the automatic molding machine in the whole process of the pre-sale, production and after-sale tracking service. Bo Joe mechanical after-sales service defines two typical stages, one is the stage of active service, on-site guidance and training for free after bo Joe machinery company, providing customers with the use of machines and maintenance knowledge consulting service, and regular phone pays a return visit; Phase two is to communicate with each other, the user in the process of using a service request, if the customer can't to troubleshoot, by Joe machinery company will send technical personnel to the scene to provide technical services, with the fastest speed to send technical personnel arrived at the scene. Technical consultation: 139, 2623, 6830 workers
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