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Bring you a comprehensive understanding of gravity casting machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-25
Joe tilting type gravity casting machine, is a kind of to meet the mechanical casting quality requirements. Gravity casting machine in the direction before and after completion, clamping action; Artifacts out at the top of the roof material cylinder under the action of complete material actions; All that is done under the impetus of the rotated cylinder rotated pouring process. This is bo Joe a important mechanical products! Gravity casting machine of the machine is under PLC control automatic control, adopt touch screen for the man-machine dialogue, screen automatically displays all kinds of working parameters and PLC automatic fault detection. According to the requirements of the process can be arbitrary adjust the Angle of the start and end Angle, mould opening Angle. Gravity casting machine equipped with electromagnetic flow valve buffer function refers to the rack rotated to close to the mechanical limit position ( 0 degrees or 90 degrees) A certain range, by the electromagnetic valve cuts to slow the speed of the hydraulic cylinder to reduce the impact of machinery. And the range of the Angle and slow speed can be adjust in advance. Say so many, you have certain knowledge of gravity casting machine?
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