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Briefly describes the basic knowledge of casting steel riser set

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-26
Steel is the existence of the steel products market, the popular nowadays, it is worth a lot of steel using customer trust, approved by the company in all aspects of the understand steel skill in operation and maintenance, little knowledge about specific steel riser set, small make up for you to make the following summary. 1, the uneven thickness of alloy steel, each hot parts to set up the riser. 2, should be set as far as possible at the top of the steel is feeding area or nearby. 3, when the steel at different heights on the hot section need feeding, can set up multiple riser, but each riser feeding area should be separated. 4, riser advice is not set at the site of the steel or more important. 5, should try to make the sprue in through the riser. 6, riser should be set in the alloy steel stress concentration place. 7, riser suggested Settings on the surface of the casting parts need machining. Briefly summarized above is small make up for you the details about the basic knowledge of casting steel riser set, hope to be able to help customers friends understand steel, in order to promote enterprises to promote the efficiency of production to provide support to help.
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