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Avoid mold casting in pouring in an effective way to return to spray

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-18
Although lost foam casting process itself is very good, casting into the disappearance of the casting has many advantages, but once back to spray in produce attack phenomenon, all will be affected, contains the die-lost casting quality. Therefore, it must guard against. Casting our casting process has been continuously updated, lost foam casting process is now more popular a kind of, is attention to it because it is able to produce complete assembly line type, not only production is large, and the ability to produce large, forming effect is good. But is to pay attention to mold casting in pouring cannot return. In addition, to prevent mold casting in pouring process back to spray, density is small, must bubble model in the bubble surface quality and strength of model under the premise of foam should be doing the lighter the better, to reduce the gas evolution of pouring. On this basis, the die-lost casting gating is bound to more smooth, not only will not be returned to the spray, and will often get the casting quality excellent, fully to comply with the specifications of the actual use. Secondly, on the foam model must be dried before coating, every batch of foam model should be based on sampling the drying process of the component change, make baking component change curve, just below the weight change is no longer attack on coating, or disappear casting is likely to return to spray in the casting. First of all to consider from the gating system of casting, especially the sprue and runner, not on the coating, such can make attacks when pouring gas can fully take quickly, prevent the die-lost casting had returned to the spray forming process; And not top coating, saves the cost of the coating.
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