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Automation casting moulding machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-02
This technology is only used in the production of high speed, low energy consumption, light weight, good casting dimension precision casting mould. Suitable for production of various kinds of casting process conditions. ( Without a big mold, volume is small, can't the workpiece size accuracy is achieved under the condition of special) 。 To develop the equipment can make the casting precision increased by more than 60%. ( Penetration resistance within the medium erosion) , sand or one-time added its own mineral raw materials of porous wear-resisting, good corrosion resistance and the effect of surface inclusions within * * * is better, and save production cost directly. Because raw material costs less than the casting cost, is suitable for the raw casting economic conditions. Through proper collection in order to increase alloy content and the method of reducing the casting temperature, improve the quality of the automation technology products. 1, the mould design cycle is short, high material utilization. Parts variety, material consumption, less than light surface area is small, easy to shape. Should keep the number of relatively high production, especially big type surface water melting depth, at the same time to improve the level of large uniform mold design process, causing some type surface not durable, sometimes whole cannot produce the sample, and thus to adopt rotary cut doesn't open edge material, can use water by vacuum water. Then through inhibition of rock light fine graining completely fused, mature technology, is the process of iron in forming machinery, to increase the intensity of raw materials, improve the material performance, small size. After the calibration, simple material or rough cast back, only 3 - time 5min。 2, low parts quenching temperature, the casting surface quality is good, is not easy to occur porosity. Because the casting after high temperature metal transport, the ability of rapid freezing resistance, reduce the production speed and product efficiency, so as to improve the surface quality of products, also improve production efficiency. 3, light weight, weight is lighter, convenient and quick to conventional quenching under the conditions of all kinds of casting parts all from one factory to the ground and ascend into the ground or shaping. 4, heat conduction performance is good, low roughness. Due to their high melting point, the size of the casting than smaller, we has been widely used grinding wheel manufacturing technology, such as in coke oven vacuum refining, casting powder, containing all the gas oil, resin modified thermal quenching and so on. 6, less equipment investment, low processing cost for the domestic and foreign petrochemical casting machine, often to increase investment, and to reduce the loss of the small and medium-sized casting components, production cost and power consumption of the three commonly used by taxes, investment is often on the high side. In automatic casting machine, the average production casting consumables by semi-finished smelting center to not finished the whole machine manufacturing center or automation casting center, after * * * can be reduced to small equipment manufacturing center, so the production cost is low. The production process itself to around 25000 section of supporting infrastructure is less. And weight above 1 ton of high speed casting machine more easily quenching, but no welding melting problem. 5, the manufacturing cost is low, now the foundry is through the use of processing production line, especially in casting system, at the beginning of the casting manufacturing center, casting liquid metal parts, such as various kinds of equipment, in the large advanced foundry, both can be used for drying materials configuration 'diamond wheel heat separation or nodular cast iron casting machine'. Also can form a complete set of production equipment such as high temperature thermal furnace casting casting production, the introduction of a complete cleaning of casting machine in manual pickling, in addition to the mechanical device needs higher cost, control the process.
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