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Automatic shoot core machine, hebei core-making machine - automatically Equipment technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-09
We know shoot core machine if shoot sand discontent, affect made the structure of sand core, will make loose sand core structure is not tight, and the quality of the sand core will directly affect the quality of the casting products, so if shoot core machine shoot sand dissatisfaction must seriously rise, then shoot core machine shoot sand what are the main factors of discontent? Shoot shoot sand core machine with most of the reasons are because shoot core machine is insufficient gas supply pressure, shoot core machine of gas supply pressure is not enough, not enough to sand blow to the whole mold, led to shoot shoot sand core machine. This kind of situation as long as pay attention to shoot sand increase of gas pressure can be solved. Shoot core machine is insufficient pressure may also be because shoot core machine body and the air leakage in the mould, this situation is pay attention to adjust the mould joint is ok. There is a kind of led to shoot shoot sand core machine is the condition of the mold temperature is too high, let every corner of the green sand mold the haven't arrived already condensation, this note to cool down mold is ok. Shoot core machine core making mould structure is also likely to affect the shoot shoot sand core machine, mold structure design is unreasonable, 'air exhaust not smooth may also cause shoot core machine shoot sand results of discontent. Joe technology have professional design staff, can provide you with design, development, production, sales integration services, professional solution for you shoot core machine shoot sand discontent, welcome consulting.
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