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Automatic shoot core machine, guangdong shoot core vendors would - Equipment technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-19
Shoot core machine is commonly used in foundry industry equipment, mainly for the production of sand core, its price is not cheap, manufacturers have to buy shoot core machine will look before you leap, so after the buy back shoot core machine manufacturers how to shoot core machine for maintenance? Shoot core machine is in front of the daily work should pay attention to check the parts whether can work normally, wiring is correct, did have a case of damage parts, pipeline leakage flow, etc. , to ensure that the shoot core machine is able to normal operation. In shoot core machine is working, pay attention to the staff cannot leave work, according to operation procedures, attention should be paid to cleaning product sand around shoot core machine, prevent coated sand into the cylinder, to pay attention to the daily workings of shoot core machine, abnormal phenomenon, timely maintenance downtime, etc. Shoot core machine operating common as long as to operate in accordance with the operation process and specification, it will be less prone to bad situation, normal use, can shoot core machine is mostly used for years, the attention daily cleaning maintenance. Joe equipment science and technology have professional and technical personnel, willing to answer for you on shoot core machine, gravity casting machine and other machines and mould related issues, please contact if necessary.
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