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Automatic shoot core machine, flip shoot core vendors would - Equipment technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-10
Automatic shoot core machine is widely used in foundry industry, is in the production of casting is used to form the internal structure of the casting core of a machine, the working principle of the main is to use compressed air to high-speed evenly into the core sand core box, and then the pressure will be core sand compaction. Automatic core machine core making type mainly has three, respectively, for the common core making, hot core box core and core making of cold box cores. Common core making refers to the common core sand into the wooden or metal core box, take out again after heating drying and hardening, under the development of the resin sand, the type of the core is slowly being replaced, now the automatic shoot core machine is mainly suitable for hot core box and cold core box two kinds. Automatic shoot core machine of hot core box core making is the core box on the electric heating plate heat insulation, into thermosetting material, usually as the coated sand, core in the core box can be hardened in a short time. Compared with common core making, hot core box core making out the heating drying procedures, high production efficiency, and the surface of cores is bright and clean, accurate dimensions, strength is bigger also. And cold core box core making refers to using cold core box, join the aerosol hardener during core-making, let join rapid hardening resin sand through chemical reactions, cold core box and hot core box to produce sand dimension precision, productivity high. Bo Joe equipment technology specializing in the production of hot core box machine, automatic core has injective automatic shoot core machine, double head shoot head automatic shoot core machine, fully automatic machine, automatic core closed automatic core machine such as a variety of styles for you to choose, can also be customized according to your products, if you have any needs, welcome to contact.
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