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Automatic shoot core machine, flip shoot core vendors would - Equipment technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-10
Shoot core machine is widely used in foundry industry as a core production machines, the classification of the shoot core machine, there are many, for instance, depending on the mold to open mode, the core product curing methods, raw materials, product weight, and use the operating functions such as classification, Joe equipment, and everyone today to chat according to different classification of open the way to shoot of mould core machine. Vertical parting shoot core machine is in shoot core when not used sand, sand directly through the vertical direction of compressed air into the core making room with a template, both sides sand box are cavity, but the core is difficult, demanding the quality of molding sand. And horizontal parting shoot core machine is using sand production and sand through level about two directions compressed air into the sand box, type and after sand mold built to take off the box, the core is convenient. Horizontal parting shoot core machine and vertical parting shoot core machine, by contrast, can produce more complex mould, but they are in addition to the direction of shoot sand when different and produce the mould structure, the production of the surface of the sand core are smooth, bonding tightly, can be used after molding, greatly shortens the time and core making process, high production efficiency and yield, homework personnel's work load will be lighter. Bo Joe equipment technology research and development of professional custom production of two different parting shoot core machine, customized according to customer requirements for r&d, welcome customers to inquire.
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