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Automatic shoot core machine, flip shoot core machine casting - Equipment technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-10
With the gradual development of the modern science and technology, shoot core machine core from the previous manual Labour to automatic shoot core machine, now shoot core machine is the development of mechanical automation, let shoot core machine operator's operation more simple, although said shoot core machine is of simple operation, but shoot core machine operator still has certain requirements, and Joe equipment and see it together. Shoot core machine operators must pass through the strict training to mount guard, because although the automation shoot core machine is simple, but still need to operating personnel correlation core machine operation process and so on have a certain understanding. Operators are also good to wear protective equipment when working, can't use a hand to clear adhering sand moulds, with a longer tracheal blows away the adhering sand, core box when clamping, also cannot use hand to hold, so that no task of hand. Shoot core machine is in running state, the operator should always pay attention to shoot core machine is running, can't just leave, found that the anomalies to stop in time. If shoot core machine is in the process of operation, the operator of the operation procedure is not standard, it will leave hidden trouble in production. So, in order to reduce the occurrence of such a situation, Joe and equipment technology to remind you, the operator must be in strict accordance with the procedures to follow.
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