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Automatic shoot core machine, brake disc special shoot core machine - Equipment technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-11
Bo Jo technology before taking everyone to understand the causes of shoot core machine appear adhering sand is mainly heating hardening easily coated sand in case of high temperature when they shoot sand plate hardening. Shoot core machine adhering sand of severe cases will greatly reduce the production efficiency of shoot core machine, do you want to know how to solve? And Joe technology together to get to know the core machine appeared adhering sand how to solve it. Producers are often used to solve shoot core machine there are two ways of adhering sand, is usually used to shoot core machine parts adhering sand shoot sand spraying mold release, so even if adhering sand will be easy to clean,. Another way is to use water cooled radiator to cool shoot sand plate processing. Now that we know the shoot core machine adhering sand is mainly caused by higher temperature, so as long as the often used at ordinary times attention to shoot core machine cooling, can greatly reduce shoot core machine is the condition of adhering sand appeared. Bo Joe technology 15 years focused casting equipment and mold production and processing factories, if you have any other questions about the equipment, are welcome to inquire.
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