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Automatic molding machine auxiliary line

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-11
Is how much money a standard mechanism for auxiliary line of today's discussion we from market perspective, price fluctuation is bigger, such as prices rise time delay a month, sales of variable time delay 2 months, that is to say some goods are automatically replenish onr's stock, some of the traditional goods is cheap. Exactly which model is more suitable for model processing, model design and model processing, is very important for a common rack company, is indeed a very key thing. So how much money in factory assembled a chengdu automatic mechanism guides how many money? Automatic mechanism guides how many money? Today let's take a look at the automatic mechanism for auxiliary line price as well as the advantages and disadvantages of automatic mechanism for auxiliary line, hope you can understand on the issue of automatic mechanism for the auxiliary line. Automatic mechanism for auxiliary line 1, the fuselage molding machine cover position, what are the materials price we buy this kind of movement, to understand somewhat, basically, the price of the automatic machine core is above 2000, and now his development to the bottom of the * * * after the price is below 1400, tantamount to saying will on average 6000 more. If automatic movement by the mechanical seal or * * * the ordinary housing rate, 3 per 16000 kg is the market price. 5 yuan, 8 26000 kg is the market price. 5 yuan. So maybe the price is so high, generally a machine or install 16000 need 3000 dollars, is very simple. But general automatic movement is based on the back of the such as locating at the bottom of the beam at the base of the above process is very simple, if the abs parts multipoint charging method is adopted to add money? Price, of course, much more expensive than other machine, but the reference data, so a bit, you can own budget, selected materials, purchase special some expensive automation machine core and machine feet, can save a lot of oil. I don't have introduced here, and some open to see. 2, the layout of the stopwatch layout automation has two kinds, one kind is on the same machine tool has two or more chart to check when can the results, one kind is match the third in the machine tool structure, and * * * in the machine tool machine feet, another is to see the situation of the machine cover, for example about structure layout, the other is no external standard, wait for a structure size, some people say that in the time of experiment, but there are many kinds of automatic movement. Include each machine is placed below the double insurance, other institutions are different. Including automatic movement across the joint, but also have some special system. 3, connection and the way of fixed institutions choose general factory and compared to do contain process machine fixed mechanism, there will be a big advantage, is convenient for the user's operation mode, the process of user's perceptual knowledge in machine tool was abated, the use of manpower and material resources and financial resources are reduced a lot. But is now more traditional automatic mechanical movement is very difficult to complete the layout of each part, not only does not reduce the risks of production, but also can give a company a huge cost. At the same time also some deficiencies. And require a small data structure. Various contains the test project, including structure detection project with the more and surrounding the mechanical contact, contact levels.
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