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Auto flip shoot core machine, automatic flip deoxidization shoot core machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-11
Automatic shoot core machine to produce castings precise size, smooth surface, most of the casting factory is equipped with the automatic core machine from the raw materials of different sand can be divided into automatic shoot core machine of precoated sand and resin sand automatic core machine, then the automatic sand core machine what is the concrete difference between the two materials? Many people would think that resin sand is sand, but actually they are not the same. Resin sand by means of synthetic resin as binder sand, sand and although of precoated sand is used with a solid resin film layer of sand, but they are different types of resin, used for catalytic adhesive curing agent is different also. And is self-hardening sand, resin sand of cold hardening and curing agent hardening; And coated sand is heat curing, hardening by heating. Although automatic shoot core machine is of two kinds of different raw materials, the bonding way is different, but they can give the dimension precision of casting and mold or core necessary strength. Bo Joe 15 years professional technology research and development production of coated sand automatic core machine, a wide variety, can also according to customer's requirement to customize, if you have any need, welcome to contact Joe technology.
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