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At present the double metal wear resistant lining board more popular on market

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-26
At present, the production of the primary lining materials are: high manganese steel series, a series of multiple series of low alloy steel, chromium white cast iron; High manganese steel under the conditions of low stress abrasion its work hardening talent is difficult to develop and influence the function. High chromium cast iron liner has excellent wear resistance, but its strong patience is low, in transport, simple equipment and high stress conditions using cracking. Due to the above content, it is easy to find, a single raw material is often difficult to meet a wide range of stress condition begged the mission of the environment. By technical personnel's research found that the function improvement and progress anti-wear material comes down, on the basis of selection by high strength steel substrate and high wear functions of patience of high chromium alloy cast iron, choose bimetal composite casting technology, access to both two kinds of data characteristics of the overall composite wear resistant lining board, wear resistant steel plate of the discussion should be put in superhard materials with high patient data on the combination of surfacing welding wear-resisting board discussion is based on the imagination and open. Nanjing foundry co. , LTD. , the history of professional strength and modern management mode to achieve the excellent complementary and fusion, through constant innovation and development, now has luxuriant turned, coruscate gives new vitality, casting products with annual production heat resistant, wear resistant cast steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel casting, grey iron castings, ductile iron parts, stainless steel castings and all kinds of large and medium-sized castings 80000 tons of capacity, is the domestic market competitiveness of the cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings and profile production base. Tel: 020-86 22139325
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