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Are to improve the hardness of grey iron castings, why difference so big?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-17
Is different because the production process requirement, companies have different requirements for the hardness of grey iron castings, so many enterprises choose custom processing for castings, generally require manufacturers to produce the casting hardness to conform to his needs. In the castings with customized processing, then, is how to improve the hardness of castings? 1, the ratio of furnace charge. With pig iron, steel scrap and back to the furnace charge + carburant, the method of using recarburizer nitrogen changes in the shape of the graphite and length to the hardness of grey iron castings. 2, control of chemical composition. ( 1) Low alloying, add to the two kinds of alloy elements, to participate in, should consider the content of carbon element, do not blindly seek hardness. ( 2) Many smelting company think that harmful sulfur, sulfur content in the molten iron is lower, the better, in fact also is not the case, should be considered in the castings & other; Silicon carbide & throughout; And & other Manganese sulfide than & throughout; 。 The Mn = 1. 71S+( 0. 2 to 0. 5) 。 3, overheating. The superheat temperature of molten iron general control in about 1500 - About 1530 ℃, overheating time control generally within about 10 min as well. In order processing for castings of gray cast iron inoculation, usually in the introduction of the molten iron inoculant, so after inoculation of grey cast iron, hardness will tend to be more uniform, improved the function of mechanical processing, also increased the strength of the castings. In addition, the castings with order processing, will be within the range must be forward refinement, liquid iron temperature can make the graphite matrix was fine, the tensile strength and brinell hardness of cast iron forward.
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