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Analyses the foundry casting defect repair methods

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-28
When casting manufacturers often for casting defects, try their best to solve. Take a lot of repair methods. A, caster glue: simple, rough casting, general repair don't need after processing, and no special strength hardness requirements. This type of casting added value is low. Weld repairs: more than 90% of the casting manufacturers choose to weld to solve encountered in the production of casting defects. Weld repair because of the filler metal, welding repair performance basically reached the standard of parent metal, and the operation is simple, of high efficiency and weld repairs by many manufacturers the recognition and trust. Are many on the market at present, welding machine, applied in defect repair, generally has the following kinds: electric welding machine, cast iron, cast steel weld with the traditional way. Advantages: repair defects, high efficiency. Disadvantages: solder joints on high hardness after welding, internal stress, prone to cracks, general need annealing heat treatment can meet the requirements of processing. And because of welding conditions, internal easy to produce the secondary defects such as porosity, slag. Argon arc welding, precision castings, aluminum alloy die castings with argon arc welding machine for welding repair. Part of the mould manufacturing and repair factory, also USES the welding repair mold defect. 1, advantages: welding repair of high efficiency, high precision of the electric welding machine. Wire sort is more, the most widely used on stainless steel, aluminum alloy products. Can be used for welding, high intensity of teaching. 2, disadvantages: used for defect repair, small defect, because of the impact is too large, the molten pool line traces. Weld steel has a hard point. Due to thermal effects, non-ferrous casting or thin-walled weld repairs, easy to produce thermal deformation. Operating higher technical requirements. Three, cold welding machine: the 21st century the birth of a new repair technology, heat is generated due to the welding repair process, known as cold welding machine. After several years of development, welding technology direction and got great development, has been in the repair of a large market share. According to the repair product categories are: placement machine and electric spark surfacing welding repair machine. SMT machine: adopting the principle of instantaneous high frequency discharge will be welded piece of paste to the workpiece surface, each maximum equivalent and welding paste thickness slice thickness, welding quality depends on whether discharge uniformity. Wear and tear, is suitable for workpiece machining super bad repair, in the mold market has a certain influence. The machine can also be solder powder, filling the defect and repair after discharge. After repair of the workpiece color difference is small. Defect is repaired slower. Cold welder, a common disadvantage is that efficiency of welding repair welding and argon arc welding machine is better than high, but in the repair of millimeter defects and machined surface defect, its prominent advantages make people prefer to choose cold welding.
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