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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-22
As everybody knows, gravity casting requirement is very strict, in the process of the use of gravity casting machine is a safe hidden trouble, so in the use of gravity casting machine we will be very careful. But do you know? Joe remind you, even without the use of gravity casting machine, just clear the gravity casting machine also should pay attention to the following. Clean up the gravity casting machine workers must complete personal protective, be familiar with all kinds of safety operation procedures. Is taken from the casting pile casting, want to take a top-down, avoid casting cuts, flipping to enable the crane and major castings in enabling gravity casting machine, to prevent the sling or casting pressure hand, don't overload lifting, sling don't hang on the castings poured riser. Should pay attention to when using pneumatic shovel, pneumatic shovel to be on the edge of the casting to start again, don't start to casting side first. When use, don't cutting to the people, in order to avoid flying debris. Stop, want to close the duct valves, stop to pneumatic shovel gas supply. To prevent residual in deoxidization adhering sand and casting flash, burr, poured riser on the cut of a man's hand and fly sand damage to the eyes.
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