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Aluminum gravity casting machine, structure - process Casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-30
Aluminum gravity casting machine in working process, as foundry casting shape complexity is different, the casting mold is different also, but still have similarities between different mould. Such as the mold to have good ability of heat capacity. Meets the requirements of the thick die set and the module, not only is an effective guarantee for die life, but also for the mould temperature field in the process of continuous work adjustment plays an important role. The mold to have a reliable cooling system and air system. By cooling, not only can effectively improve the labor productivity, and adjustable casting temperature, cooling rate of castings control, thus affecting the casting internal organizational structure and grain size, the realization of the aim of control mechanical casting aluminum alloy casting can be effectively. Gas, is artificially to the gas into the cavity inside the cavity to reduce casting blowholes defect. At the same time, through adding vent plug also can adjust the die temperature of local small area, to prevent and overcome the aluminum alloy cracking and shrinkage in have a very important role. In addition, also need to have and gravity casting machine matching die mold positioning device and convenient installation.
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