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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-30
Many people know how to save the gravity casting machine to produce castings should be, but it is always a reproduction of the casting products and for a period of time before the finished casting quality of different situation, actually these are related to the preservation of liquid aluminum. If liquid aluminum production after casting unreasonable preservation, or will have influence on the quality of castings for regeneration of output. Joe to explain to you. If the temperature is lower than 250 degrees, aluminum alloy casting aluminum ingots will react with the water in the atmosphere, produce the attached in the surface of the aluminium ingot aluminum hydroxide and hydrogen, hydride water adsorption in the environment. Calcination again if the aluminum ingots, aluminum rust will become alumina with water, alumina if mixed with molten aluminum liquid, liquid aluminum will drop a level of quality. So aluminum alloy casting is completed, don't be placed in the humid warehouse, or stored in outdoor in the rainy season. Want to find a reasonable save dry place. And oil belongs to hydrocarbons, can react with liquid aluminum, although in the absence of melting, both peaceful, but aluminum melt will produce very big reaction with oil pollution, produce a lot of impurities. So can't put with oil of aluminum in the molten pool, must advance the clean-up, and keep dry.
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