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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-01
With machine for the production of aluminum alloy casting machine for aluminum alloy products and aluminum alloy forging machine is not the same two machines, they have different production process and product characteristics. Aluminum alloy casting machine is refers to the metal (below the earth's gravity Aluminum gravity casting machine) Or under the action of external force ( Pressure casting machine) The injection mould machine. Aluminum alloy forging machine is aluminum alloy under solid state in the plastic molding, the aluminum alloy billet heated to a certain temperature under the action of external force make the product forming machine. Aluminum alloy casting machine for processing of aluminum alloy material has the certain requirement, aluminum castings and forgings in slightly less than, because it is from liquid to solid, in the process of production is prone to defects such as blow hole, shrinkage, but casting is suitable for complex shape parts production, so often used to make a lot of complicated shape of aluminum production and the production of the product. Aluminum alloy forging machine is aluminum billet heated after plastic deformation, has the effect of fine grains, continuous cutting fiber, aluminum alloy forging machine adopts the technology of casting product high strength, easy to anodic oxidation, aluminum forgings used in the high strength of important parts or require the appearance of beautiful pieces of blank manufacturing. So the aluminum alloy casting machine compared to aluminum alloy forging machine, the use of aluminum alloy casting machine to more widely.
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