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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-31
Gravity casting machine is used in many products, gravity casting machine to produce better mechanical properties, casting products mature solution heat treatment, products with high degrees of freedom and the production efficiency is higher than the traditional, the dimension precision of casting is higher also. But do you know? If ignored the action before casting, casting may appear cold shut, misrun, stomatal defects, etc. Before gravity casting machine casting, gravity casting mould should be preheated, because gravity casting mould is usually a steel raw materials, if you don't preheat before casting, casting of aluminum liquid cooling itself quickly, meet with cold mould will reduce a lot of liquidity, is easy to make casting defects such as cold shut, misrun and porosity, and no preheating gravity casting mould in the casting, the casting will be subject to intense heat, stress, so that it is easy to damage. So, before gravity casting machine begin to work, to gravity casting mould preheating, suitable preheating temperature, usually, according to the types of casting metal and the structure and size of the casting. Bo Joe usually using a blowtorch or gas flame to gravity casting mould preheating, and the resistance, oven heating method, etc. In general, metal mold preheating temperature is not lower than 150 ° C.
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