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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-02
Our country has always been known as industrial powers, industrial development, with the high-speed development of economy and then gravity casting is the development of industrial products and the rapid development of the drive. Many industry products processing production is completed by gravity casting machine. Gravity casting machine has many advantage, let Joe with you tell me about the advantages of gravity casting machine. Gravity casting machine is the gravity casting molding principle used to supplement the solidification and contraction, gravity casting machine mould can be repeated use of tens of thousands of times, so also known as swimming long casting. Gravity casting machine in the production of casting products of better mechanical properties, mature solution heat treatment, high production efficiency, appearance than sand casting dimension precision accurate, mould is cheaper. Casting products of high degree of freedom, can produce internal complex shaped castings, can put sand core. Using gravity casting machine to produce castings in production should pay attention to the reserved processing size, because some castings heat treatment deformation. Gravity casting machine mode of production determines it is suitable for large amount of orders for production, so the gravity casting machine is suitable for most of the production of industrial products.
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